Associated Builders & Contractors

Associated Builders & Contractors of Western Washington and Oregon is a nonprofit trade association that represents more than 390 companies, open and union general contractors, subcontractors, professional service firms and suppliers, all united in their support of open competition and free enterprise in the construction industry.

Associated Builders & Contractors is a national organization of over 20,000 members whose dedication is to the construction of America. They strongly support the building trades industry in four main areas. These areas are:

  • Community-ABC believes in its members supporting the community effort to make this place a better place to live.
  • Training-ABC strongly supports having the best trained construction works to provide quality installations.
  • Safety-Partnering with OSHA, ABC has developed a safety program that is one of the best in the industry. Members reaching the top safety level, known as the Platinum Safety Award, are assured that OSHA will be less likely to audit their jobs because they have a proven safety record.
  • Benefits-The association believes in supporting the worker with benefits and wages that sustain a good standard of living.

If a member qualifies in each of the above areas, ABC sanctions their Quality Contractor Award. The standards are high because ABC believes quality is what the customer wants.